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Anti-Virus and COVID-19



Immunotherapy*: With PhorMed’s expanded pipeline adding “Anti-Virus and Suppression of Pulmonary Inflammation” to help fight COVID-19, PhorMed’s drug RP-323 will help people with compromised immune systems. PhorMed’s goal is to assist the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions by boosting their immune systems and preventing fatalities among those patients who have contracted COVID-19.

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RP-323 has the ability to activate the body’s defense system boosting White Blood Cells (WBC) which include T-cell, B-cells, interferon, cytokines, antibodies and more. In clinical trials over 90% of patients using RP-323 had elevation of WBC, which is the primary need of people fighting COVID-19.

ACE2 Inhibitor*: In clinical trials RP-323 has shown to down-regulate or inhibit (block) virus’s from attaching to host cells; a study conducted by Prof. Richard L. Chang. It appears that the COVID-19 entry point is the human receptor ACE2. RP-323 can act as an ACE2 inhibitor by down-regulating the virus’s ability to gain access to cells. Without access to the needed DNA the virus will eventually die causing no harm to the host.

Anti-Inflammatory*: Downregulating the receptor iL6 could potentially reduce the virus’s most troublesome symptoms. COVID-19 induced inflammation has caused many issues in the upper and lower respiratory tract, myocardium and the gastrointestinal mucosa. Other symptoms being studies which are caused by inflammation brought on by COVID-19 include joint pain, head aches & migraines, nausea, diarrhea, rash and possibly more.

Differentiation*:In clinical trials RP-323 has shown to repair or destroy a damaged cell (in this case damages caused by COVID-19), returning the cell to its original form through differentiation (repair) or initiate cell death (apoptosis). (Learn More)

* Clinical Studies will be conducted to prove these claims for COVID-19.