Partnerships & Licensing

PhorMed is committed to the discovery and development of innovative treatments that address unmet medical needs in oncology, neurology and Hematology. Our clinical and pre-clinical programs all emanate from internal discoveries and are embedded in our scientific tradition.

As part of our strategy, we selectively pursue strategic relationships to advance and maximize the commercial potential of our pipeline. In markets where our products can be commercialized by a specialty sales force with a limited and focused peer group of physicians, we plan to lead the commercialization efforts of our therapeutic candidates in the United States. In areas that involve an extensive development program or require large specialty or primary care sales forces, we intend to complete late-stage development and commercialization through, or in collaboration with strategic partners.

We plan to commercialize our technology in markets outside of the United States by establishing strategic alliances and partnerships. Additionally, for breakthroughs we make that have applications outside our main focus area, we’ll explore partnerships earlier in the process to accelerate advancements of these programs.

Breakthrough science in Oncology, Neurology or Hematology
Emerging technologies to optimize, formulate, and commercialize small molecules
Collaborations with non-profit institutes to advance this technological breakthrough

Please contact us if you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with PhorMed, Inc.