About Us


PhorMed is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company located in Beverly Hills California, developing its compound RP-323, a gene repair therapy. A number of indications are under development which are all categorized as inflammatory disorders. It has been determined that RP-323 is active along specific cell lines, being able to target damaged or mutated cells due to cancer, viruses and a variety of other factors. Our studies include cancer cells, blood cells and due to its special ability to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), neurological cells. Because of RP-323’s wide range of activity, the company has been able to build a broad platform off of a single molecule.

The company is working on a treatment for Parkinson’s disease that is in line to become a groundbreaking First-In-Class therapy. RP-323 is also targeted to be first-line treatments in Oncology, Neurology and Anti-Virus. The company’s mission is to treat unmet medical needs by treating the cause and in limited cases, the symptom. This is accomplished through differentian, RP-323’s ability to repair the DNA of damaged or mutated cells; by immunotherapy, boosting the body’s immune system through cytokine induction; and by stem cell signaling and proliferation, stimulating cell division once the cell is repaired and functioning properly. All of these mechanisms work in unison, allowing the body to repair itself and return to a healthy condition.

5 indications are presently in the pipeline and the company will continue to expand through it’s continued dedication in research and development  We are committed to the highest standards of scientific excellence and integrity to accomplish these goals for our patients and society.