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"Some of you might already know that we have begun taking steps towards conducting a 'GO-PUBLIC' transaction*. We will continue crowdfunding through this process, and for a successful transition, we aim to raise up to $5 million. Our goal would be to have a valuation of at least $ 70 million in a go- public transaction, up from our current valuation of $52.6 million. At that new valuation, the share price would be at least $1.33, which would be a 33% increase from today's share price of $1.00 per share. Additionally, the company is offering shares at a discount. Act fast to take advantage of this limited-time offer of $0.90 per share."

Disclaimer: *There are many steps for the company to complete prior to being able to go public. We cannot offer any assurances or guarantees that a go-public transaction will be completed, or the timeline for completion of such a transaction, or if a go-public transaction is completed the valuation at which the transaction would occur.

PhorMed's lead technology, RP-323, is a cell repair therapy and immunotherapy that helps the body repair itself

What we do

We are in clincial research developing treatments for AML & Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer), Parkinson's disease and ARDS (a life threatening lung disease)

About Us

We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of RP-323, a targeted, cell repair, immunotherapy, that promotes the reduction of inflammation for treating neurological diseases, cancer, and such inflammatory lung disorders as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

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Science and Technology

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After multiple clinical studies RP-323 has been found to be safe and the company is now prepared to enter into the next phase of clinical trials advancing its pipeline in collaboration with two clinical sites in Atlanta Georgia.

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PhorMed Inc is committed to good corporate citizenship. Our policy is to conduct our business affairs honestly and ethically.


Pharmaron joins forces with PhorMed in ARDS studies

PhorMed continues its ARDS studies, joining forces with Pharmaron. Pharmaron, a prominent figure in drug research and development on a global scale, has acquired Absorption Systems in the USA, who PhorMed engaged for its initial ARDS study. PhorMed is excited to take advantage of Absorption Systems’ specialized expertise in scientific research and testing across various domains, including small and large molecules, cell and gene therapies, and medical devices, paired with Pharmaron’s robust capabilities. Ben Chang, CEO of PhorMed says, “We are positioned for significant growth and innovation in the healthcare sector. This partnership not only broadens our network but also grants us access to a wider array of services, underscoring our dedication to driving advancements in drug research and development.”


Press Release Published announcing Equity Crowd Funding Campaign

PhorMed Inc. (PhorMed or Company) recently filed a Form C for the purpose of launching a Regulatory CF, equity crowdfunding campaign, on the platform WeFunder. For the full article click here


A message from CEO – Recap and Forecast 2024

Funding dependent, we are expecting exciting developments in 2024, lined up for three Phase 2 studies and a goal to publish our ARDS preclinical trial results, once some follow-up lab work is done.

In 2022, we completed an ARDS study and discovered that our drug has multiple pathways to at least five inflammatory markers. We were able to show that our drug, RP-323, can reduce inflammation in the lung at two time points, 24 and 96 hours. (Our drug also reduces inflammation in the brain by more than 70%, by down regulating Aquaporin 3). We raised $700,000 from an Angel Investor to manufacture another batch of study drug, RP-323.

In 2023, feasibility studies remain ongoing. We completed feasibility for Parkinson’s disease and started Parkinson’s preclinical study design. We completed a feasibility study for ARDS Phase 2 human trial and started the study design. We are working on a new discovery that is with our patent attorney, where he is perfecting and writing the application.

AML and HL Phase 2 protocols are final. We are now working to raise the needed funds for these clinical studies, along with the above-mentioned studies in ARDS and Parkinson’s.