PhorMed acquires COVID-19 patent rights

On March 24, 2020, PhorMed acquired the Anti-Virus and COVID-19 treatment patent rights from Prof. Richard L. Chang. PhorMed plans to research and develop a treatment for COVID-19 using its platform technology, RP-323.

The rationale behind developing such a treatment is due to the drugs known benefits potentially counter acting COVID-19’s negative effects. Most affected are the elderly with pre-existing conditions and compromised immune systems. RP-323 is being developed as an immunotherapy, and in past clinical trials has shown the ability to elevate the body’s White Blood Cells (WBC) boosting the body’s natural defense system. We will also be investigating a number of other factors such as RP-323’s ability to repair damaged cells, damage which is caused by the COVID-19 virus corrupting human DNA with the virus’ RNA. We will be looking for RP-323’s ability to repair the DNA through a process called differentiation, which is a part of Gene Repair Therapy. For more information click here to access how it works as an anti-virus, and possible treatment for COVID-19.

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